Domaine Henri Ruppert and How I came to Discover Luxembourgish Wines

     ​Recently I had quite an interesting encounter in Luxembourg.  This past Memorial Day weekend I had finished visiting the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial located in Hamm, Luxembourg and decided to check out a winery since there was still daylight.  My plan however was not well thought out.  You see, this was a Monday and in Luxembourg most wineries are closed on Mondays. 

     I was not very familiar with Luxembourgish wines (or even what grapes they preferred), however I was familiar with a certain Luxembourg winery. I had actually never tried their wines, but I had read about Domaine Henri Ruppert.  After a brief search I find the address, plug it into my GPS and set out on my way.  After a short drive I begin to make my way up a very narrow road to the top of a large hill and to my dismay I notice that everything looks quite empty.  I get out of my car and proceed to walk to the door.  Once I’m there I notice that all the interior lights are out and the door is locked.  I take a few pictures and then I start peering into windows to try to get an idea of what they had to offer inside. ​

While I am meandering around the balcony of this winery like a prowler, a car suddenly stops in front of the building.  A man and his dog step out to confront me.  I quickly explained that I had come to taste and buy some wines and handed him my card.  I also expressed an interest in writing about Luxembourg wines.  At this point the man revealed his identity.  He was none other than Henri Ruppert himself.  He then pulled out his keys, stepped inside and produced two glasses and many bottles.  We then set out on the balcony where we tried nearly the entire catalog while engaging in conversation.  It was a wonderful twist to what I thought was going to be a wasted trip.

The wines were absolutely wonderful.  The Riesling and Gewürztraminer were very distinctive from their German and Alsatian counterparts.  I was also blessed with the opportunity to try a grape that was new to me, the Auxerrois, and it was glorious.  The highlight of the day was one of the best Pinot Noirs that I have had in quite a long time.  You see, at Domaine Henri Ruppert they were gifted actual clones from the vines of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, specifically from the La Tâche, vineyard.  This absolutely delightful wine was aptly named Ma Tâche.  Just to give you an idea of the quality of this wine, we sampled from a bottle that had been open for five days with zero signs of oxidation.  This is a VERY high quality wine and a fraction of the price of its sister in Burgundy.

 All in all, I was very impressed with Domaine Henri Ruppert and their representation of Luxembourgish wines.  I’m quite excited to return and I highly recommend that all of you partake in these wonderful wines.

Oh, and one more thing before I forget.  The dog’s name was Pinot and he was awesome!

Hassell L. Butcher

​Pulled Corks LLC